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Item #: ICM-UFPT-2
Supplier #: ICM-UFPT-2
The ICM-UFPT-5 allows the user to establish and adjust desired time delay relay using their mobile phone. More impressively, the user can instantly apply the new set-points to the device without the use of wires via NFC Technology.

  • Universal input voltage 24 -240 VAC
  • Reduce truck stock inventory
  • Includes a 5 Amp dry contact output relay for controlling a load directly – no minimum load requirement
  • Compatible with over 85 legacy ICM timers
  • NFC technology allows for the user to change timer application on the fly using a smart phone to set up all functionality of the timer including mode and delay time.
  • Installation instructions, wiring diagrams, and timing diagrams conveniently displayed on the App
  • Easy installation
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